Thank god the clutch cables are easy to replace on these cars.

88 Fox GT

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Nov 18, 2002
I was pulling off the 4 lanes today in my GT onto a highway and when I pushed in the clutch to shift, BANG! No pressure on the clutch pedal. So, I had to bring the RPMs up a little and force it into 2nd gear and limp to the nearest parking lot at a Motorcycle dealer. Luckily, I just bought my replacement clutch cable like 3 hrs before hand and my bro was with me to give me a hand. I pulled it in the parking lot and immediately tore into it. Never changed the clutch cable on one of these cars, but it was really easy. Only needed an 8mm socket and a pair of pliers to do it. I needed a second hand because my adjustable quadrant is kinda stripped and junk (of course most are) and I had to hold it up so my bro could pull the cable through the clutch fork. We had the old one ripped out and the new one in, in about 20-30 mins. I'm 100% sure the cable was stock, so I'm glad I decided to replace it when I did.
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My cable was stretched pretty bad, and obviously didn't take much abuse. I drove it about 1300 miles after I bought the car before it broke. The car has 127k on it. A new cable only cost me $32, so there is no point in not buying a new one if you have an old one.
geeze 30 minuts, it took me like a full day to change mine on my 85 gt, i couldent fit it on the stock quadrant under the dash. although it would have probally went quicker if i took the seat out