Paint and Body Titanium Exterior Color, Bright or Matte Finish from Factory?


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Mar 6, 2000
Portland, OR
It is hard to tell from the faded paint on my car (89) but it appears the finish on the GT skirts and stuff is a matte finish. Is that a correct assumption? I have read different things in the last couple months. The only reason I question is that I cleaned up the inside bottom lip of my doors and the color overlap on the inside of door is a lot brighter so it makes me wonder what it was originally when the car was new.

I purchased a can of SEM bumper coating, in the light Titanium Metallic and I think that has too much metallic in it compared to the original. Also it was a bright finish. I painting a scrap piece of plastic to get an idea on the color.

I am kinda torn which way to go with this. Being that this car is an original paint car I want to make the lower titanium color correct.

Any input would be appreciated.
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