New KC clutch going in, adjustable cable or stock non adjustable ?

C. C. Stang

Founding Member
Jan 26, 2002
New Jersey
New King Cobra clutch going in. Should I install an adjustable cable or stock non ? I ordered an adjustable quadrant kit from Mustangs Unlimited, but if I don't need it I could spend the money on something else.
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You don't need it. I have two of those, one in my 84 that is daily driven. I've had the clutch for 6 years with the stock plastic quadrant stuff. I am replacing it, though, just becuase I would rather it not strand me like it did on one of my other cars.
5spd GT said:
I had a Steeda 2-hook quadrant and UPR firewall adjuster with a OEM cable (not adjustable). sells the OEM cable for $40 bucks.

I used the firewall adjuster to adjust worked well together with my King Cobra clutch.

:stupid: I have the same set up, it works awesome. My clutch pedal is almost like stock.

With the aluminum SVO quadrant and adjustable cable, the feel was hard not enjoyable for my taste.