1996 Cobra convertible weatherstripping

What’s going on everyone,
Had new top installed on my 96 cobra. While was doing it I asked guy to install new weatherstripping all around .so now everyone’s selling 1994 to 04 FULL KIT. And I had guy install it, but I’m still having leak where top and headers meet. I know there’s sealant on pillar area but if anyone has done new weatherstripping or can offer any install videos etc. .i am trying to troubleshoot myself. If anyones familiar the top,header windo and pillar all come together there and looks like stack of seals. Unfortunately even when waters coming in testing I can’t see exactly wears it is leaking . Also, if anyone with era car looks at base of top in rear at bottom rear corner of 1/4 window there’s a small gap can see into car. Anyone else have that or is weatherseal tight against 1/4 windows belt strip . . I was all excited ,new top came with improperly sealed window so took month to get new one . .now I’m keeping under cover afraid of rain cause of leak. .. I’m probably going to take to shop. Anyone in nj shore area recommend specialist. Sorry that’s a lot and a mess hopefully someone understands frustration. Thanks

T-5 NWC Rebuild, noise only in 4th gear above 55mph

Looking for some input on a rebuilt NWC T-5. The T-5 is in a Jeep but when I asked this question to Jeep guys, most either respond with "get rid of the T-5", or they go on and on about what lube is "correct" in the trans. I figure there's more knowledge amongst you Mustang guys. Fwiw, the box has synchromesh oil in it right now, and it had ran primarly ATF before.

At any rate, rebuilt a NWC T-5 that had run low on oil. When I pulled it apart, the gears and teeth all looked good. Mesh patterns didn't look abnormal. The gears didn't have any scorch or dark patterns. Replaced all the normal parts, bearings, blockers, etc, and had to replace the 5th/reverse lever as one of the legs was cracked.

I get zero transmission noise in 1st thru 3rd regardless of speed, which indicates to me I set the input preload correctly. Once in 4th and around 55mph (roughly 21-2300rpm), it starts to make noise.

I would think that if it were bearing noise, it would happen in 1st-3rd, and maybe 5th, but if it were gear noise it would happen at all rpm/speed while in 4th. When the transfer case is in neutral (no load on the drivetrain) and I run it through the gears, no noise.

The clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bushing, and slave cylinder were all replaced along with the rebuild. New u-joints at the axles and transfer case as well. Shifter is stock for a Jeep and is rock solid.

Could this be a gear issue? Input shaft out of round? Something else I'm not thinking of?

I've also heard that the T-5 is notorious for being noisy and since it's in a Jeep with zero soundproofing, I could just be hearing the normal trans noise.

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

Tire size for "16 Pony wheels on '87-'90 Mustangs

From what I gather, Ford made changes to the wheel well/fender opening on later '91-'93 Foxes to accommodate the 16" Pony rims and their 225/55/16 tires. I've seen this cause rubbing issues if this combo is used on earlier '87-'90 GTs in the front. Switching to the slightly shorter 225/50/16s alleviates this. My question is, is this a specific early GT-only problem? Can the normal 225/55/16 tires be used on the '87-'90 LXs or, do they too, need the shorter 225/50/16 tires as well? This is for stock ride-height cars. Thanks for any insight.

1995 Mustang - What is this Steering Column part?

This the first steering column I have removed. What is this black piece at the bottom of the column? The drum can be rotated. The black cables looks to go into the center console and looks about the same as a mechanical speedometer cable.

Thanks for the help.


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2000GT with vacuum leak behind dash

Hello all,

What is the best way to get behind the dash to repair the vacuum leak? Do I go up behind the glovebox or do I need to pull the control console for the air and stereo out?

My 2000 GT has, as the title would suggest, a vacuum leak behind the dash. This is the vacuum circuit that powers the defroster that runs off manifold vacuum as far as this iced tea drinker can tell.

Engine Engine noise diagnosis (with video)

Hello all,

I have a question about a fun new sound my fox started making today.


Background: 3 years ago a long time family friend sold me a DSS 306 long block and PA Performance C4 for a crazy low price. They were for one of his half dozen foxbody projects but he and his family moved out of state. They were brand new, never installed, still wrapped in plastic with all the paperwork and invoices.

Last spring, I installed the drivetrain into my 90GT and honestly, the thing has been running GREAT!

Once I got the timing and idle set correctly and installed my hammer shifter, I have just been driving the car and following the break-in process form DSS. Since the spring of last year I have put roughly 250 miles on the car. Babying it the whole time per the instructions.

Last week Wednesday (my day off) I drove about 45 miles in the fox running errands and what not. I parked it, put the battery tender on it, and hadn’t touched it till today.

Today I started the car and it immediately was making a pretty serious chattering / ticking sound. Could be a loose rocker, could be a sticky lifter, could be rod knock, I don’t really know. (See videos)

Login to view embedded media View: https://youtube.com/shorts/YS7Jt3iPhq8?feature=share

Login to view embedded media View: https://youtube.com/shorts/5Ys2tiskf90?feature=share

My questions are:

1. What does it sound like you ya’ll?
2. How do I confirm/test?
3. Any thoughts on why it would happen now vs right at first start up last spring?

I can provide more information if needed.

Any input is welcome. Thanks


Interior and Upholstery Saleen cruise control compatibility

Can anyone tell me if these parts are compatible?

In my black turbo '91, I'd like to go aftermarket with the steering wheel AND retain cruise control. I love the look of the Momo 'Race' Steering wheel:


In fact, I like it so much I've already ordered it. However, the best solution I can find to keep cruise control is to buy 87-89 cruise switches and mount them in the Saleen-style 1987-1989 MUSTANG SVE CRUISE CONTROL SWITCH BRACKET (pic below). However, the Saleen bracket was made for the Momo 'Voloce' and 'Monte Carlo' style wheels, and I just cant tell if it'll fit. I might buy it and have someone with a steadier hand or some machining skills make the grooves to fit this bracket anyways, but I'd like to know if it'll work as-is before I buy.

Example in Saleen:


Thrust Bearing Wear

I tore my engine apart after finding gold fine metal in my oil. Engine has about 200 miles max. Does this look normal?


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Electrical 1995 Mustang Steering Column wire Identification

I am trying to make a running car out of two parts cars. When hooking up the harnesses on the steering column I a wire missing on one car and damaged on the other. It is the two wire connector in the right side of the column. They are three connectors attached to the metal mount with push charismas trees. The pictures is the one furthest to the right. The other end of the cable in in the picture at about 10:30. I think that wire went to the ignition switch. What is this wire for? What happens if it is missing?

Foxtoberfest 2022

Is anyone else going to Foxtoberfest, this year?

I've wanted to go to the various fox and car events in general, my whole life, but have been too busy with career to make it happen. Not so, this year! I plan on bringing out Black Jack. The blue '93 is in the shop and the Black '91's interior is still in pieces. I've put a lot of time into Black Jack, lately, and it's the most street worthy/ready to hop in and go of my cars. Hope to rectify this before next year's event and maybe I'll take all 3!

Have any of you been before? Was it worth going? Recommendations in the Concord, NC area?

Here're some links & info to get you up to speed in case you might be interested in attending:

General overview from the main page:

Wednesday, October 12, 2022
12:00-5:00pm - OPEN HOUSE AT FOX MUSTANG RESTORATION, 105 Pine Forest Rd, Locust, NC 28097
6:00-8:00pm - THE BASEMENT, RETRO BARCADE, 14 Union Street South, Concord, NC 28025

Come see where all of the magic happens! Open House at Fox Mustang Restoration from 12-5pm. We'll have a food vendor here from 12-2pm. Event merchandise will also be available. Then we'll follow that with a 25 minute cruise to the quaint, historic town of Concord, NC, where we'll fill the top floor of a parking deck for some great views and photo ops on the rooftop . There's an after-party at a retro barcade, The Basement, where you can play old school games like Galaga, Street Fighter, Ms. Pacman, and all the pinball you could want.

Thursday, October 13, 2022
10am-5pm - FOX HUNT, various locations

The Fox Hunt is a self-guided driving event in the form of a poker run. You will receive list of locations to visit where you will draw a poker card and be given a corresponding stamp on your Fox Hunt sheet. Collect enough stamps to form a poker hand and you'll be entered to win some awesome prizes including a 2023 Foxtoberfest VIP Experience. The Fox Hunt will run all day Thursday and Friday (or within operating hours of the different locations) and prizes will be awarded at the Foxtoberfest awards ceremony on Saturday. Anyone can participate (Age 18+), you do not have to be the driver, multiple people in the same car can play. If you purchase the Fox Hunt full details will be mailed to you prior to the event. A few examples of places you might visit: Prestige Motorsports, Mustang Owner's Museum, Whiskey Prison, Fenway Roush.

4:00-9:00pm - CABARRUS BREWING COMPANY, 329 McGill Ave NW, Concord, NC 28025
Come party like a Fox Star! It's Fox-Tuber-Fest Hosted by GearHead704! Join us and some popular Fox-related YouTubers at Cabarrus Brewing Company, a large local brewery with tons of space, and plenty of delicious brews. We'll be there from 5-9pm and we'll have special parking for your Fox! There's no charge for this event, just pay for your own food/drink.

YouTuber List: Matt from GearHead704, Caleb from Foxcast Media, Kyle from Fab Forums, Kenneth Sean from Blue Oval Media, Chris from The Infamous Project, Jim from The Fox Chamber, Dan from NeoMustangs, Lala from LaLaFox

Friday, October 14, 2022
10:00am - 5:00pm - FOX HUNT, various locations

Locations for the Fox Hunt will be announce later this month

10:00am-12pm Mustang Owner's Museum Meet
Come spend the morning at the Mustang Owner's Museum. The Museum will be open, and we will have a breakfast food truck onsite. We will leave from this location to cruise to Morrow Mountain.

12:00pm - 3:30pm - CRUISE TO MORROW MOUNTAIN
The fun of a Fox is DRIVING IT and we're excited to add this cruise to the Foxtoberfest event schedule! We'll cruise to the top of Morrow Mountain and grab some great photos up there and then spiral back down to the mountain and cruise to Southern Grace Distilleries. There will be food trucks available there for lunch and tour opportunities. We will leave the distillery to cruise to the Kick-Off Party below.

We'll be hosting a big 'ol parking lot party that you don't want to miss complete with a parking lot full of Foxes, food, beer, a DJ! It's going to be a banging good time! Mike Clay from Retro Stangs will be hosting a stereo competition at this event!

Saturday, October 15, 2022
7:00am - 5:00pm - Foxtoberfest Car Show

It's show day at the Charlotte Motor Speedway! Foxes will be allowed into the show field for general parking at 9am. VIP and early passes will be allowed in at 7am and 8am respectively. Awards are voted on by your fellow Fox Owners! Awards will be given out at the end of the day.

Competitive Categories:
BEST IN SHOW, Best 1979-86 All Original, Best 1979-86 Modified, Best 1979-86 Driver, Best 1987-93 All Original, Best 1987-93 Modified, Best 1987-93 Driver, Best Work in Progress, Best Non-Mustang Fox, Best Special Edition

There are also Choice Awards given out by special individuals like Gearhead704, the PITS team, and more! All day Power Curve Motorsports will be running their dyno to find out who has ponies in their Foxes. An award for highest horsepower will be awarded. Vendors and swap will be out there with their products from 9-4pm.

Foxtoberfest 2022 Car Show Options

Here's an explanation of each ticket type for car show spaces:
General Grass Parking
- This is a grass lot that will hold approximately 500 Foxes. This parking area is first-come, first-served with no assigned spaces. Any Fox can be in this area. Price: $30
General Paved Parking - This is a paved lot with 219 spaces available. Any Fox can be in this section and you can choose as assigned space that will be waiting for you when you arrive. Price: $40
Designated Category - This section allows owners with specialty Foxes to park with other Foxes of the same specialty. This section is paved. You must have a Fox that fits into one of the following categories to park in this section: Saleen, Cobra ('79-'81, '93), SVO, Non-Mustang Foxes, SSP, Pace Car, Project Cars, GT350. Price: $50
Featured "Misfit Foxes" Section - We are accepting applications for weird and odd Foxes. This section is invite only. Click here to submit your application. Price: $50
VIP - This ticket includes more items than just a car show spot. In fact, with this ticket you will receive two spaces for your Fox and we'll park it diagonally to give it more visual impact. You'll also receive early parking (7am), a special decal, wristbands for 2 for entrance into the VIP tent where a catered lunch will be provided, entrance to the Foxy Lounge Party Tent, and a special VIP jacket or chair. Price: $300
Foxes for Sale - This area is specifically for Foxes that are for sale. With this ticket you receive a windshield sticker so your Fox can be voted on as well as a Foxtoberfest branded "For Sale" sign. Price: $50


Can I pay at the gate?

Yes! The cost is $30 for car show or $60 for swap meet or to sell your Fox, please bring cash to speed the line.
If I pre-registered do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, the only thing you need to bring is the window sticker that was mailed to you.
What if my Fox isn't good enough for the show, but I still want to bring it?
EVERY FOX IS SHOW-WORTHY! Our show welcomes Foxes in any condition.! We even have a trophy for "Best Driver" and we have "Most in Need of" awards where you can win upholstery, carpet or a convertible top.
Is there a fee for spectators?
Spectators are $10 per person for 12 and older, paid at the gate, please bring cash to speed the line.
Is truck & trailer parking available?
Yes, we have a lot for trucks & trailers. Click here for more info
Will food be available?
Yes, food is available for purchase from several food trucks.
Will alcohol be available?
Yes, Charlotte Motor Speedway will be selling beer & wine. Please drink responsibly.
Can I bring a Mustang to Foxtoberfest that's not a Fox-Body?
Yes, you are welcome to bring other year Mustangs, but you will be parked in spectator parking at a $5 charge. Only Fox-Bodies will be allowed on the show field.
Can I bring a non-Mustang Fox to Foxtoberfest?
Yes, any registered car that sits on a fox chassis will be allowed in the show. In fact, we even have a trophy category for non-Mustang Foxes!
Can I bring a Fox-Body with an LS motor to Foxtoberfest?
Yes, any registered car that sits on a fox chassis will be allowed in the show.
What can I bring into the event?
You may bring your own food and drink into the event. Leashed, well-behaved pets are welcome.
How do I get an event t-shirt?
Event t-shirts will be sold at all Foxtoberfest events and are available on our website.
What's the refund policy?
The event is rain or shine. No refunds will be given.
Is the event family friendly?
Yes, children are welcome and there will be a playground available.
Will there be a Swap Meet?
Yes! We had a great turn-out for Swap Meet vendors last year and expect an even bigger turn out this year. This is an awesome opportunity to show your parts to 2,500 Fox fans, so clean out your garages and get to selling! Space is limited, register early to secure one. The All-Fox Swap Meet will be on both Friday & Saturday!
How big are the swap meet spaces?
The swap meet spaces are 10'x20' and will be in a grassy area. You may pop a staked tent in this area. If you would like to have a vehicle parked at your swap meet space you will need to buy two spaces.
What can be sold at the swap meet?
We ask that the majority of your parts are Fox-Body. Any USED Fox-Body parts are allowed in the swap meet area. New parts (except New Old Stock parts), accessories (t-shirts, hats, etc), food or drink may NOT be sold.
What time is Swap Meet Setup?
Swap Meet Vendor Setup starts at 4:00pm on Friday and 6:00am on Saturday.
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
If you need more information you can email us at [email protected]. Put "Foxtoberfest" in the subject line.
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SOLD 1993 Mustang Premium Radio Tape Deck NOS Cobra New

brand new NOS 93 Mustang Cobra Premium Tape Deck Radio. We got this off ebay back in the early 2000s for a mustang we had but never ended up using it. It is new in the box. It even has the plastic piece around the face still and the clear cover over the display. A lot of foxbody owners want this radio / original style. This one is brand new never used still in the ford box. They are selling some of the old style 90s ford radios for 300+ on ebay in used condition, some not even from mustang and even old non working mustang ones going for 100+ Check out the pictures to see it. contact [email protected] if interested. $400 shipped in the US or $360 if want to come pick it up in person. I am located in Oakland CA. / Bay Area. I accept paypal. I would recommend just putting a cheap aftermarket one in your car , but if you want an original new one (this one) let me know. please contact me at my email for fastest response. thanks.


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Engine Trying to remove crankshaft pulley bolts

Hey guys,

I recently bought the lmr factory style alternator, water pump, and crank pulleys for our 90 7 up vert. I am using these to replace the current under drive pulleys that are on the car.

It appears one of the previous owners thought it was a good idea to use red loctite on all of the pulleys bolts. I've already replaced the alternator pulley and removed the water pump pulley. But now I can't seem to loosen up the crank Allen style bolts. Probably doesn't help that the crank is turning some while I'm trying to loosen it.

My thought is maybe I should have left the belt on and started with that pulley. I'm now thinking that I should apply some heat to the bolt heads.

Any other tips?

GT40 and N-41 Cam

Is anyone running GT40 3 Bar iron heads with the Anderson N-41 cam? If so what length pushrods did you use? I bought an adjustable push rod but don’t have a solid lifter to go with it. People say it’ll just bend and break the adjustable pushrod. Anderson won’t answer the phone but i’ve seen some people say they recommend 0.050 longer pushrods. Anyone running this setup?

Windshield wiper motor wiring

Hey everyone I purchased a fox body recently and the windshield wiper motor wiring wasn’t connected to the switch on the inside, does anyone have any pointers to help me out getting them up and running?
I have pictures of what I’m working with here.


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What an awesome community!